Adult and Child Literacy

‘Aya’ Fulani Children’s Literacy, Obanliku LGA, Cross River

The literacy programme addresses illiteracy -  the primary cause of Nigeria’s growing poverty, environmental destruction, conflict and rising insecurity. The programme has been, and is, regarded by women, youth and older out-of-school children as key to their improved capacity to:

·         Work their way out of poverty

·         Reduce inter-ethnic conflict & land conflicts

·         Grow knowledge of  effective methods reducing environmental degradation as erosion and  watershed impacts 

DIN’s analogue adult literacy groups are encouraged to undertake joint projects so as to put new skills and knowledge into practise, thereby increasing learner motivation to continue learning. As in an adult literacy programme for Hausa women of  Obudu town. Women learn’t how to: write their names, record expenses and receipts,  and manage micro-finance loans.

Traditional literacy interactive learning enables women and older children to rapidly progress (in c. 1-2 months) to working on e-centre PCs, becoming a registered on-line user and connecting with many other learners across the country.


·         Empowers marginalised herders, fisherfolk  &  farmer children

·         Reduces conflict for peaceful development

Gives ICT access for ‘restive’ youth and women’s improved livelihoods, participation in community governance and more responsible citizenship.