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E-Learning Centres For Socially Inclusive Development With Peace For All Nigerians

ARA’s community action project Development in Nigeria (DIN) had its beginnings in 1996 in functional literacy empowering women and youth in social and technical skills for implementing community forestry, improved livelihoods, and sustainable development in rural Cross River state.

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Adult and Child Literacy

The literacy programme addresses illiteracy - the primary cause of Nigeria’s growing poverty, environmental destruction, conflict and rising insecurity. The programme has been, and is, regarded by women, youth and older out-of-school children as key to their improved capacity to...

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Community Forestry

ARADIN sees community forestry in Cross River state as a key opportunity to strengthen participatory forest management in line with policies of the Federal and state governments. These policies support current international forestry paradigms.

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Climate Change and Mitigation

Across the globe today, climate change and its impacts as desertification, unpredictable and heavy rainfall, flooding, loss of formerly fertile farm lands and drying of artisanal and surface water flows constitute the greatest environmental challenge facing humankind.

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Sustainable Livelihoods

Alternative (non-traditional) livelihoods embrace energy saving technologies as the modern wood stove as well as the use of small machines (sewing, cassava grinding, welding), ICTs and renewable energy (solar drying of tomatoes and chilli pepper). To succeed these livelihoods must have the potential to enable youth, women and the community as a whole to generate income by sustainable (on-going) means.

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Water and Sanitation

Most rural communities suffer from lack clean potable water for drinking, bathing, and washing hands. Lack of potable water means personal and community hygiene is imperilled by unclean hands transmitting diseases including cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea. Open bush defaecation brings these and other diseases infecting children and adults.

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Responsible Citizenship and Governance

Owing to the importance of natural resource governance and the role of the government and citizen in successful natural resource management, ARADIN is working towards ensuring that local and state governments and citizens participate in, and sustainably manage, natural resources through agreed management plans that reduce conflict, degradation and meet international requirements.

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Research, Policy and Documentation

DIN trained young men and women in sociological, ecological and ethno-botanical research methods while the team worked in rain forest on both sides of the southern Nigerian-Cameroonian border.


We aim to make a lasting difference by bringing educational empowerment and digital literacy into the lives of poor rural women, older children and ‘restive’ youth through ICT empowered environmental conservation linked to more productive and sustainable agro-pastoral livelihoods, e-commerce and SMEs for economic growth with peace.

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